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School and Educator Resources

Advancing Equity

Fundamentally, ESSA is about creating a set of interlocking strategies to promote educational app by providing support to districts and schools as they work to ensure that every student succeeds. New app app is committed to ensuring that all students succeed and thrive in school no matter who they are, where they live, where they go to school, or where they come from.

Information for educators and schools is available below:

Compliance and Data Reporting

Information on

English Language Learners / Multilingual Learners

ELL / MLL resourcesinclude a webinar, FAQs, and planning information.

ESSA Fact Sheets

ճfact sheets for educators and school board members summarize and explain the final ESSA plan. The fact sheets are available in 15 languages.

Guidance Materials for Schools and Districts

This Guidance for Schools and Districts is intended to build the capacity of local education agencies (LEAs) receiving federal funds from one or more programs authorized as part of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in order to administer programs effectively.

ESSA Informational Videos and Webinars

ESSA videos and webinarsprovideinformation on ESSA requirements and important changes.

ESSA Accountability Webinars

To provide stakeholders with further support in understanding the two-year Rebuild Phase of New app app’s accountability system, the New app app Education Department (app) has prepared a series called “Rebuild Phase Information Webinars” that explains components of the accountability system and the identification methodology and provides examples.

ESSA Titled Programs

Information, resources, technical assistance, data, and reports on each of the titled programs under ESSA

News and Memos

ESSA-related news and memosfrom the New app app Education Department

School and District Accountability

Under ESSA, schools receive one of four support models: Local Support and Improvement (LSI), Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI), Additional Support and Improvement (ATSI), or Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI). Districts are designated as either identified for LSI or Target Districts. Schools identified for CSI, ATSI, and TSI are eligible for additional support. When schools are persistently found to be low performing, they can be placed into Receivership, and if a school in Receivership does not make Demonstrable Improvement, the school may be assigned an Independent Receiver. View information on School Accountability Designations and school standings, Receivership, and Demonstrable Improvement.